LOOKAH WPC805 Glass Bong

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This large water pipe is over 20 inches tall, which means it's quite big and can be a challenge for your lungs. But don't worry, it has a special filter inside that creates bubbles and helps the smoke rise smoothly. It also has a spinning mechanism that cleans the smoke to make sure there are no impurities.

This big bong has a long, straight neck with a special part at the bottom where you can add lots of ice. This makes the smoke even cooler. If you're looking to take big hits and have strong lungs, this huge pipe will really test you. Do you think you can handle taking a hit from this big bong? Go ahead and give it a try, if you're curious and up for the challenge.


Material:High Quality Borosilicate Glass


Weight: 1700GM

Bowl Size: 14MM Male Banger

Base Size: Round

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