Top 10 Best Bong 2024

Categories: Vaporizer 101
Posted: February 28, 2024

The quality of a bong is determined by two key factors: its performance and its design.

A bong is primarily used to cool and filter harmful substances from dry herb burning, providing stoners with a fantastic dabbing experience and helping them achieve their desired high.

Beyond functionality, the design of a bong is also significant. Stoners view bongs as both tools and pieces of art. A well-designed bong not only looks beautiful but also enhances the user's overall dabbing experience.

Taking into account the two aspects mentioned above, we have selected the top 10 best bongs to follow.

BIIGO Wig wag style beaker flask bong is available in four different colors. Each with a rich design and stunning detail around the percolator.

This is matched with a highlighted matching mouthpiece for a finish that really pops and stands out.

The BIIGO Straight Bong with Shower Head Perc is an exquisitely decorative piece. The expansive lower chamber proudly displays the prominent BIIGO logo,

while housing a shower head perc adorned with an artistic arrangement of skulls and spikes.

The 12-Inch BIIGO beaker bong is a fantastic choice for everyday smoking. It has a shape similar to a conical flask and a big, sturdy bottom that keeps it stable. The wide base and chamber provide ample space for the smoke to filter through the simple down stem.

The beaker bong features a frosted glass design with sand-blasted patterns, including swirls and logos. This adds a nice touch to the overall look of the bong, making it a stylish option for daily use.

The bong also features an ice notch at the bottom of the neck, which allows for extra cooling of the smoke.

The downstem is simple but effective, ensuring that the smoke is well dispersed and making it easy to clean.

This recycler water pipe with skull decorations has a classic conical water chamber housing the percolator.

There is a skull and crossbones with twin connecting recycler pipes that help circulate the water for more effective cooling.

This glass dab bong is designed with a straightforward slotted disc perc, a conical flask-shaped style, and a bent neck.

The downstem is placed in a diamond-like monster head with pulsating veins. This eye-catching feature elevates the rig to the realms of heady glass,

making it a real head-turner that your friends will envy.

This BIIGO tusked skull water pipe looks like a monument celebrating some megalithic beast. The water pipe has a massive donut sat on a circular puck base and spines the water and smoke around for superb filtration.

Sat on top of this a tripple-tusked skull with impressive detail and a truly menacing look. As the smoke leaves the lower donut it coalesces in here before being inhaled through the mouthpiece above.

The BIIGO Monster Head Bong is a visually captivating piece with intricate details and unique design. The percolator takes on the form of a spooky monster's head, while the pipe boasts decorative skull motifs.

The focal point is a horned head perched on a disc adorned with skulls, seamlessly connecting the lower chamber and straight neck.

This eye-catching dab rig commands attention with its bold design.

At the base of the neck, between a pair of horns, sits a large pendant adorned with the LO logo, immediately drawing the eye.

As you examine the entire chamber, your gaze will be captivated by the percolator, which features a demonic monster head motif.

Complete with droplets of blood and a spiked crown, the centerpiece of this design is a massive eye in the middle.

Featuring a vibrant color scheme, this pipe bong showcases an alien-like theme with peculiar animal and bubble decorations.

It evokes a sense of a forgotten magical land or a cross-dimensional insect from a mysterious new world.

Its trippy appearance adds an extra level of excitement to your sessions and sparks conversations about the origins of this extraordinary life form.