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Lookah Dragon Egg

  • The Dragon Egg is an innovative electric dab rig that revolutionizes the traditional dabbing experience. Unlike conventional dab rigs that rely on direct flame or torches for heating, the Dragon Egg utilizes a battery-powered heating mechanism. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances convenience but also ensures a consistent and controlled temperature for optimal dabbing sessions.
  • One of the key advantages of the Dragon Egg is its compact and portable design. With its smaller size and lightweight construction, it is exceptionally easy to use and carry, making it a perfect companion for individuals on the go. Whether you're embarking on a journey or simply prefer a more compact rig for at-home use, the Dragon Egg offers unparalleled portability without compromising on performance.
  • Furthermore, the Dragon Egg boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing even novice dabbers to enjoy the benefits of dabbing effortlessly. The device typically features simple controls such as a power button and temperature settings, making it incredibly intuitive and accessible for all users.
  • Despite its diminutive size, the Dragon Egg delivers powerful and efficient heating capabilities. It employs advanced heating elements that quickly and evenly heat the wax, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vapor production. This efficient heating mechanism not only saves time but also conserves the wax, providing a more economical dabbing experience.
  • In addition to its functional aspects, the Dragon Egg often showcases a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. Manufacturers pay attention to detail, crafting the rig with elegant finishes and modern accents, elevating the overall visual appeal of the device. This combination of form and function makes the Dragon Egg a desirable choice for both beginners and seasoned dabbing enthusiasts alike.

Follow these steps for a seamless dabbing experience:

  1. Begin by unscrewing the percolator chamber, and fill it approximately one-third full with water. This helps to cool and filter the vapor for smoother hits.
  2. Screw the chamber back in place securely, ensuring a tight seal and proper fit.
  3. Open the magnetic flip cap located on the rig and carefully place a small amount of wax onto the center of the atomizer coil, which rests on the square quartz heating plate. This is where the wax will be heated to produce vapor.
  4. Close the flip cap tightly to ensure a proper seal and prevent any wax from leaking.
  5. To turn on the Dragon Egg, press the power button five times rapidly within two seconds. The device will respond with a vibration, indicating that it is powered on.
  6. The device will now enter a preheat mode, and the display screen will show a countdown from 9 to 0 while the preheating process takes place. During this time, the light on the device will flash between green, blue, and white, indicating that the rig is actively preheating.
  • Mode 1, 3.2V Green
  • Mode 2, 3.6V Blue
  • Mode 3, 4.0V White
  1. Once the preheat cycle is complete, the light will flash twice, and the device will vibrate to notify you that it's ready for use.
  2. Press the power button twice to select the desired voltage mode for your dabbing session. With each press, the device will vibrate, and the light will indicate the selected voltage mode. This information will also be displayed on the screen for your reference.
  3. To initiate the heating process and vaporize the wax, press and hold the power button for up to 30 seconds. The atomizer will heat up, allowing you to inhale the vapor through the glass straw mouthpiece. After 30 seconds of continuous use, the light will flash, the device will vibrate, and it will enter standby mode to conserve battery life.
  4. Throughout your dabbing session, you can adjust the airflow by covering the carb on the flip cap as needed. This enables you to tailor your hits to your preference and create the desired airflow resistance.

By following these steps, you can enjoy a hassle-free and customized dabbing experience with the Dragon Egg electric dab rig.

Lookah Dragon Egg User Manual - Download

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