How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig

Categories: Cannabis 101
Posted: January 06, 2024

For a heavy stoner, dabbing is a necessary part of their everyday routine. If you find yourself without a dabbing tool on hand and still want to dab, it can be quite painful and frustrating. So, how can you make do with the tools you have at hand? This is indeed an important question. Today, let's explore and introduce some alternative tools that can help you fulfill your dabbing needs.

Small Bowl

If you find there is a small bowl on hand,you you a lucky dog, this can help you enjoy dabbing.

Take a small amount of wax and place it on top of a bed of herb in the bowl. Ensure that the wax is evenly distributed.

Hold a flame, such as from a lighter or a torch, to the bowl while simultaneously inhaling through the mouthpiece. The heat from the flame will vaporize the wax, creating vapor that you can inhale.

You can also try a combination of cannabis dry herb and wax for a makeshift dabbing experience. Simply place the dry herb in a bowl and apply a small amount of wax on top. Heat the cannabis, and as it heats up, the wax will vaporize along with the cannabis. This method allows you to enjoy the effects of both the dry herb and the concentrate simultaneously.

Roll in a Joint

Mix the wax with ground herb. Ensure the wax is evenly spread throughout the joint. Roll the joint as you normally would, making sure it is tightly packed. Light the joint and inhale the smoke, enjoying the combined effects of the herb and the wax.


A healthstone is a porous stone that can be placed in a bowl or pipe. Heat the stone with a torch until it turns red hot. Use a dab tool to place a small amount of wax on the heated stone. As the wax makes contact with the hot surface, it vaporizes. Inhale through the mouthpiece to enjoy the vapor.

Hot Knife Method

Heat the tip of two knives on a stove or with a torch until they become hot. Place a small amount of wax on one knife and sandwich it with the other. As the wax comes into contact with the hot knives, it will vaporize. Inhale the vapor through a makeshift funnel or tube.

Cook as edibles

To use wax in edibles, you need to decarboxylate it first. Preheat your oven to around 220°F (105°C). Spread the wax evenly on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and place it in the oven for about 20-30 minutes, or until the wax has fully melted and thinned out.

Mix the decarboxylated wax into butter or oil, and use this infused ingredient to cook a variety of edibles like brownies or cookies. Consuming edibles will provide a different experience compared to smoking or vaporizing.

Car Cigarette Lighter

car lighter

This method is not recommended due to safety concerns and potential damage to your car's lighter. If you still want to proceed, heat a metal object, such as a paperclip, with a car cigarette lighter until it becomes red hot. Touch the hot object to a small amount of wax and inhale the vapor as it is produced. Be extremely cautious and aware of the potential hazards associated with this method.



An e-nail is a device specifically designed for vaporizing concentrates. It typically consists of a temperature-controlled box connected to a titanium or quartz nail. Heat the e-nail to the desired temperature, which is usually between 315-450°F (157-232°C). Once the nail is hot, use a dab tool to place a small amount of wax onto the nail's surface. Inhale through the mouthpiece or attached glass rig to enjoy the vapor.



If you have a pipe with a removable bowl, you can use the sandwich method. Place a small layer of herb at the bottom of the bowl, followed by a layer of wax, and then another layer of herb on top. Light the herb on top and inhale through the mouthpiece. The heat from the burning herb will vaporize the wax, allowing you to inhale the combined smoke.

Dab Pen

dab pen

Dab pens are portable vaporizers specifically designed for concentrates. These devices typically consist of a heating coil, a battery, and a mouthpiece. To use a dab pen, follow these steps:

Set the heating temperature on the dab pen to make the tip hot. The specific temperature may vary depending on the pen, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Inhale through the mouthpiece while pressing the button or activating the pen's heating mechanism. This will draw the vaporized concentrate into your lungs.

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Nectar Collector

nectar collector

Nectar collectors are portable dab rigs that consist of a glass or quartz tube, a tip, and a mouthpiece. To use a nectar collector, heat the tip with a torch until it is red hot. Touch the hot tip to a small amount of wax, which will vaporize upon contact. Inhale through the mouthpiece to enjoy the is the easiest tool to consume wax.

Remember, when using alternative methods to smoke wax without a rig, always exercise caution, be aware of the potential risks involved, and prioritize safety.