Lookah Bear 510 Battery

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Lookah Bear 510 Battery

The Lookah Bear 510 Battery has quickly gained immense popularity among users ever since its highly anticipated launch in the market. This innovative battery showcases a charming and functional design, with its exterior adorned in a protective silicone coating. The silicone not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides an exceptional tactile experience, offering a remarkably comfortable and secure grip. Thanks to the specially designed silicone material, the Bear battery stays firmly in your hand without slipping, ensuring a reliable, friction-based hold.

The Bear battery boasts a compact yet substantial form, standing at 8cm in height and 4cm in width. It serves a dual purpose—a top-of-the-line vaping device and a delightful decompression toy. During intense work or moments of leisure, the Bear battery can be a source of relaxation and entertainment. Its ergonomic design and satisfying feel make it perfect for soothing fidgeting and promoting focus during stressful situations.

Adding to its versatility, the Bear battery features two convenient hanging holes cleverly incorporated into its unique bear-shaped ears. With these hanging holes, you can effortlessly attach a chain or lanyard, enabling you to wear the battery securely in front of you, keeping it readily accessible at all times. This wearable functionality ensures that your Bear battery remains within arm's reach, allowing for quick and effortless vaping enjoyment whenever you desire.

In terms of compatibility, the Bear battery steadfastly adheres to the industry standard, utilizing a standard 510 connector port. This standardized connection port enables seamless integration with a wide range of 510 cartridges available on the market. By providing this extensive compatibility, the Bear battery empowers users to explore and choose from a diverse array of cartridge options, maximizing their vaping experience and catering to individual preferences.

In summary, the Lookah Bear 510 Battery is not just another ordinary battery; it is a true sensation. Its enticing silicone-coated exterior, superior grip, compact dimensions, playful design, and versatile wearing options make it a standout choice among vaping enthusiasts. This remarkable device combines functionality, aesthetics, and user-centric features, truly revolutionizing the vaping experience. Whether you are a seasoned vaper or a novice exploring the world of vaping, the Bear battery is sure to captivate your senses and elevate your vaping journey to new heights.

How to Use the Lookah Bear battery

1. Press the power button 5 times quickly within 2 second to turn ON/OFF

2. Press the power button 2 times quickly to change three different voltage settings.

  • Mode 1: 3.4V (Green)
  • Mode 2: 3.6V (Blue)
  • Mode 3: 3.9V (Purple)

3. Once the voltage is set, press and hold the power button to vape for up to 10 seconds for heating.

4. Release the button, the device will switch back to standby.

Charge instruction:

To charge the Lookah Bear vaporizer, locate the USB Type-C charging port on the side of the vape pen. Connect a standard USB Type-C charging cable to the port, and attach the other end of the cable to a USB charging port. While charging, you will notice the battery indicator lights on the back of the head pulsing. Additionally, the LED light on the face of the device will pulse red. Each segment of the battery indicator represents 25% of the battery charge.

  • 1 solid battery light = 25%
  • 2 solid battery lights = 50%
  • 3 solid battery lights = 75%
  • 4 solid battery lights = 100%

As the charging progresses, the indicator lights will change: - When reaching 25% charge, one segment will remain solid. - At 50% charge, two segments will remain solid. -

When the battery reaches 75% charge, three segments will remain solid. - Upon reaching a full charge of 100%, all four segments will remain solid, indicating a fully charged battery.

The LED light on the face of the device will display a blue color once the device is fully charged.

Package includes:

  • 1x Bear 510 Buttery

PS:The package doesn't contain cartridge (coil + mouthpiece), if you need it you can check here

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