Difference between smoking wax and buds

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Posted: December 07, 2023

Smoking wax and buds refer to two different forms of consuming cannabis.How to choose it depend on many things, such as the tool you have, price and experience.

For newbies they may not know it well.this article will introduce the difference between them.hope you can know the difference and also know which one is best for you.


Smoking Wax: Wax is a concentrated form of cannabis extract that is made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.

Smoking Buds: Buds, also known as flowers, are the dried and cured female cannabis plant's reproductive parts, which contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids.


Smoking Wax: Wax is highly potent and contains a significantly higher concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) compared to buds. It can range from 60% to 90% THC or even higher.

Smoking Buds: Buds typically have a THC content ranging from 10% to 30%, depending on the strain and cultivation methods.

If you are newbies,it is better to start at buds, test your body’s tolerance, otherwise you body can’t bear the hits from dabbing wax.

Consumption Methods:

Smoking Wax: Wax is often consumed using a dab rig or a electric dab pen. It requires heating the wax to a high temperature and inhaling the resulting vapor. Seahorse pro plus is the top grade dab pen,it quickly become the best seller after launching to market.

Smoking Buds: Buds are commonly smoked using various methods such as rolling joints, using pipes, bongs, or vaporizers designed for dry herbs.so you can find there are widely choice on dabbing device. In which the most popular is bong,also be called water bong,choosing a best bong is very important thing, there is a water chamber to filter and cool,so you can get a cool hit.all the stoners like the experience and enjoy it so much.

Effects and Experience:

Smoking Wax: Due to its high potency, smoking wax can produce intense and immediate effects. Users may experience a stronger psychoactive high, increased euphoria, and potent physical relaxation.

Smoking Buds: Buds offer a more balanced and gradual onset of effects. The experience may vary depending on the strain, but generally includes relaxation, mood elevation, pain relief, and potential sedation.

Tolerance and Dosage:

Smoking Wax: Wax is recommended for experienced cannabis users due to its high potency. Beginners or those with low tolerance should start with small doses to avoid overwhelming effects.

Smoking Buds: Buds are commonly used by both beginners and experienced users. The effects can be more easily controlled by adjusting the dosage.

Availability and Cost:

Smoking Wax: Wax is less common and may be more expensive compared to buds due to the additional processing required to extract and refine the cannabis concentrate.

Smoking Buds: Buds are widely available in legal cannabis markets and can be purchased in various strains and quantities, making them more accessible and affordable.

Remember, the laws regarding cannabis vary in different regions, so it's important to be aware of the legalities and regulations where you reside.