Unicorn and Seahorse Max Glass

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  • This replacement glass fits the Lookah Seahorse Max and the Unicorn e dab rig.
  • It doesn’t fit the Mini Unicorn

This percolator is constructed from borosilicate glass and features a frosted inner cone with 4 holes positioned approximately 1 centimeter below the water level. This arrangement facilitates optimal vapor percolation. The vapor ascends through the central shaft inside the frosted cone and is filtered through the water upon passing through the percolation holes. As the vapor continues its journey, it coalesces inside the outer cone, resulting in smooth and satisfying hits.

When connecting the glass to the Seahorse Max dab pen, align hole B on the percolator's base with hole A on the Seahorse Max dab pen.

When connecting the glass to the Unicorn electric dab rig, align hole B on the percolator's base with the indented groove on the magnetic top of the Unicorn e-rig to ensure maximum airflow. To decrease the airflow, twist the glass so that hole B does not align with the indented groove on the e-rig's magnetic top.

For cleaning, use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Pour a small amount of both substances into the glass cone through the top. Cover the holes on the base of the cone and the mouthpiece. Shake vigorously for a few minutes to eliminate any dirt or residue. Rinse the glass thoroughly afterward to ensure no salt or alcohol residue remains.

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