Silicone Titanium Dab Straw Set

Silicone Titanium Dab Straw Set

Introducing the silicone and titanium dab straw set, now available with an enhanced pocket-size carry case for convenient portability. This set features a dab straw composed of three detachable parts, ensuring effortless cleaning. The silicon body accommodates a titanium tip, while the glass mouthpiece adds a touch of purity to the flavor. With a total length of approximately 11cm (4.3 inches) when fully assembled, the dab straw also includes two wax containers and a cleaning brush.

All of these accessories fit snugly within a durable, hard plastic carry case. Furthermore, by reversing the glass piece and attaching it to the wider end of the silicon pipe, you can transform the device into a one-hitter or dugout, perfect for enjoying dry herbs.


  • Weight: 80g
  • Size: 129.8*77.8mm*37.8mm (in carry case)
  • Color: Random
  • Color: Random. (Or you can select the color, please remark which color when you place an order.)

Package includes:

  • 1xPlastic case
  • 1xCleaning brush
  • 1xSmoking Pipe
  • 1xGlass mouthpiece
  • 1x10mm Titanium nail
  • 1xSilicone Container
  • 1x5ml Acrylic&silicone container

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