Lookah Swordfish Mouthpiece

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Lookah Swordfish Mouthpiece

The Lookah Swordfish Mouthpiece is a unique and stylish accessory for your Lookah Swordfish vaporizer. It is made of high-quality and features a unique spiral design that makes it easy to grip, as well as a flat base for a secure fit.

The unique design also ensures maximum air flow for a smooth vaping experience. The mouthpiece also features a removable silicone sleeve for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Lookah Swordfish Mouthpiece is a great way to customize your vaporizer and make it look more stylish.

How two change the mouthpiece:

  • Unscrew the nut (turn anti-clockwise) that holds the mouthpiece in place.
  • Open the bracket
  • Remove the mouthpiece
  • Insert the new mouthpiece, ensure the flat side, (labeled A in the picture) is lined up with the bracket (labeled B in the picture).
  • Screw on the retaining nut (turn clockwise)

Package includes

  • 3 x Glass mouthpiece

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