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This TATAOO glass water pipe is a beautiful and artistic device for recycling. It is made of high-quality glass and comes in various bright colors. The recycler has a special design with a beehive perc that has many small holes. This rig has a continuous motion to make it work efficiently.

On the outside of the pipe, there is a detailed glass fish pendant that adds to its overall look. The front of the pipe has an implosion marble, which makes it unique and eye-catching. Not only does this piece look great, but it also has excellent craftsmanship. You can find the best small glass dab rigs for sale from Lookah.

The 11" TATAOO recycle bent neck oil rig glass water pipe is designed for filtering tobacco smoke. It has a recycle function where the smoke is passed through different chambers, including the original one, to filter it again.

The oil dome water pipe, also known as a dab rig or concentrate pipe, is used for smoking herbal wax and oil.


Material: High Quality Borosilicate Glass



Bowl Size:14mm Male Banger

Base Size:Round

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