The 710 coils for Lookah devices are categorized as follows:

  • Type A: Best Taste
  • Type B: Best Vapor Production
  • Type C: Wax Saving
  • Type D: See Through

Attention: These 710 coils are compatible with Seahorse X, Swordfish, Unicorn mini, Q7 min, and Dragon egg.

Intended specifically for Lookah vaporizer pens, these coils feature a quartz chamber that quickly heats up and ensures even heat distribution for optimal vaping results. They work best with micro dabs, allowing efficient wax heating while preventing burning and excessive waste.

Type B features dual cores that increase heat exposure, allowing the wax to melt quickly and create a greater amount of thick, lush vapor. It is ideal for achieving an enhanced vapor production.

For all coil types, it is recommended to place the concentrate in the center of the quartz plate within the coil.

Using small micro dabs helps prevent wax from bubbling over the sides and clogging the coils by melting excess wax into the porous quartz.

Package includes:

  • 5 x Quartz Coils
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