Lookah Seahorse Pro Reviews

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Posted: August 17, 2023

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" I am a huge fan of concentrates for daytime use. Dabbing concentrates is a smokeless solution that delivers fast relief in just one or two dabs. A well-designed electronic dab straw like the Seahorse Pro is an essential asset to the concentrate lover’s arsenal. They allow for instant dabs wherever you go, right from the concentrate container. With no waste and little reclaim, these handy devices help users get the most out of their concentrate supply."---Monica

"I love this device, battery length is great, I am a daily smoker and I do go through the Quartz coils quicker than the average person. I like how it is compact, although I have not tried the extra attachments, I am excited to. The stand also comes in handy, so it doesn't get misplaced." ---Christine H

"The lookah seahorse pro plus is really multi-funtion,it is also can be used a E nail,throw out your touch. My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer, this vape makes it so much easier and convenient for her to take her meds. Bought my self one as well, absolute game changer. I show and tell everyone to get one!"---Roberto Quintana

"Excellent product and customer service. My device arrived with a little crack in the glass so I let them know and was immediately mailed 2 replacements! I felt heard and understood!"---Jamie

"Amazing. Cools off fast enough to recap & stash in about a minute. All around awesome must have gadget. Glad I splurged on the pro plus too. Nice to see the density of the smoke you're pulling off your dab. The bong attachment tube is a game changer. I thought I wanted a rig so I could have the satisfying glob drop of wax, but this is way better. No messy tools, no wasted concentrate, no torch BS."---Mandy Palmateer

"This is a great little device for dabbing... multi temperature settings ensures you will taste your product.
Plus it's a breeze to clean !
I'd buy it again, just to have a spare on hand."---Matt

"The Seahorse Pro Plus is grade A ,high quality, top notch , and all the other great things! Arrived safely and on time! Great starter kit and easy to read and understand instructions! I have been enjoying it through and through! I will definitely be purchasing more from Lookah!"---Johnathon Cooper