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Vacuum Sealer Machine & Vacuum Bags

Mini vacuum sealing machine is perfect for home or small business use.  It's the ideal device to start cooking food in the sous vide manner or for making single portions of food for quick use making dinner after work, for picnics or when camping. 

If you like to make or buy food in larger quantities, divide it into portions for freezing and later use, this mini vacuum sealer is the perfect device.
Food vacuum sealers remove air from plastic bags where your food is placed and then seal the bag with heat.  

They create an ideal environment for storing most foods by removing the oxygen that makes it hard for bacteria to thrive. 
The air-tight seal helps prevent moisture loss and freezer burn helping food last longer (except for anaerobic bacteria, which loves oxygen-free zones and can be found in soft cheese, raw mushrooms, and fresh garlic — don't vacuum seal these!)

It has a maximum sealing size of 320mm. The powerful wet pumping technology is upgraded, so there are fewer bubbles—respective vacuum settings of 60KPA for dry and 35KPA for wet foods. 
The wider sealing strip accelerates and strengthens the degree of sealing, better preservation of freshness.
This super small body vacuum sealer measures 380*75*55mm, making it space-saving.


Sealing strip width: 5mm

Power: 135W

Vacuum degree: dry: 60KPA wet: 35KPA

Maximum sealing size: 32cm



Package Content

1 x Vacuum Sealer machine

15 x Vacuum Bags

1 x User Manual

1 x Power cord

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