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Ultrasonic Cleaner Portable

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Ultrasonic technology can be used to clean a range of goods such as metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. 

You may be familiar with seeing ultrasonic cleaners used in jewelry shops and for cleaning glass lenses and other optical parts, as well as for watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens and much more. 

These portable ultrasonic cleaners can effectively remove a wide variety of contaminants, even if present only in trace amounts, including dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, soot, mold, carbon deposits, polishing compounds, wax, pigments, limescale, bacteria, algae, fungus, fingerprints, and biological soil.

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Work
These ultrasonic portable cleaners work by sending ultrasounds through a liquid. When the sound strikes against a solid object, it creates millions of tiny cavitation bubbles. These cavitation bubbles are basically tiny, collapsing, vacuum-filled bubbles. The pressure of continuous vibration means that these microscopic bubbles stretch and compress at a super-fast rate. Once the bubbles reach a specific size, according to the frequency and strength of the sound waves produced, the bubbles lose their structural integrity and collapse violently. As these bubble implosions happen near a solid surface, the bubbles emit high-powered streams of plasma that collide with, agitate and remove even foreign particles and substances from that surface.

This is how they can clean even the toughest grime from solid objects of many different types of materials.





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1 x Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

1 x Adapter

1 x User Manual

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