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Sunrise Sunset Alarm Clock Wake Up Lamp

This sunrise sunset alarm clock allows you to program the wake-up time you want, and the light will incrementally increase simulating a gentle sunrise to wake you up refreshed and raring to go. 

This lamp will help restore your natural circadian rhythms and works well even with heavy sleepers. The gradually increasing light stimulates the natural sunrise alarm clock built into each of us. Combine the light therapy with sounds of nature so both light and sound work together to bring you out of your sleep cycle. 

Set the light to start 10 to 60 minutes before your preset wake-up time. The light will start very dim and gradually become brighter and brighter as it counts down to your wake-up time.  The automatic adjustment mode slowly increases the light, so you wake up naturally and won't be suddenly blinded by a bright glaring light that hurts your eyes. 

You can use the dimming sunset to lull you off to sleep. Adjust the brightness from 5% to 100% to meet your own needs. The alarm clock has a snooze feature that allows 9 extra minutes of sleep before prompting you again, and there are 7 different alarm chimes to choose from.   

Chose from natural sounds or FM radio, There are 7 nature sounds like the lapping of ocean waves on the shore, the twittering of birds in the morning, or a gentle breeze blowing through a forest.  Alternatively, select your favorite FM radio station to wake up to.  To set the stations, just long-press the FM button for 2 secs until it starts, and then you are able to scan all stations at the range of 76-108.0MHz automatically. 


Light Brightness:Level 20

Light Color:7

Volume Level:16

Display Brightness:3

Alarms: 2

Alarm Sounds:7&FM Radio

Sunrise Simulation:60 minutes

Snooze :9 minutes

Snooze Time:5times

FM Radio:76.0-108MHz


Battery Type:CR2032

Input Voltage:100-240V

USB Output:5V 2A

Size:Diameter 16.5*16.5*7cm


Package Content

1 x Wake Up Light Alarm Clock 

1 x  User Manual

1 x Power Adapter

1 x  Power Cord

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Color White
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