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LED Lamp & Night lights

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LED Lamp & Night lights

LED Lamp & Night lights

Lighting technology has advanced to a point where lighting solutions are smaller, more compact, and better suited to how we live. These modern home decor lighting solutions bring the best LED lighting at affordable prices. 

Gottobuuy offers a superb range of LED desk lamps, night lights, and table lamps specifically for your home or office. 

With decorative night lights, mood lights, and plug-in night lights with wireless phone charging support, we're sure we have something for everyone's home lighting needs. 

These night lights let you personalize your space with soft, warm hues and set the mood for reading a book, studying, relacing, or even romance. Make your home brighter and warmer while getting better energy efficient at the same time with our fantastic range of LED lamps and lights. 

LED table lamps and desk lamps are suitable for the home or office. We have desk lamps with Qi wireless charging that offer multi-functionality. Abel to illuminate and also charge your wireless phone or smartwatch. These devices save space by fulfilling multiple needs in one compact, elegant device.  

LED Night Lights

Night lights are no longer just plug-in lights to soothe a child's fear of the dark. Night lights are much more. These low-powered small lamps efficiently illuminate part of your home. Different colored lights can be used to decorate and help set the mood in a space. Many have secondary functions such as clocks, sound machines, or even wireless phone chargers. 

There are multiple reasons to consider before you buy a night light. Too much light or the wrong type of light can negatively impact your sleep. 

Let's look at the features to consider when choosing the best night light for your needs.

Types of Night Lights

You may be stuck with the notion that night lights are little more than low voltage plug-in bulbs with cheap plastic casings. But the are many different types of night lights available. The best night lights can be divided into three basic categories. 

Plug-In Fixtures

Plug-in lights are what people think of when they see the term "night light." They usually plug directly into a 120-volt electrical outlet. They tend to have a low profile si they dont protrude far from the wall. 

These plug-in lights can be found in various shapes and sizes. The light they emit is usual a soft, warm glow that doesn't emanate more than a few feet from the device. These are the least expensive and most basic of night lights. 


Projector night lights are used to display pictures on the wall or ceiling of a room. Night light projectors are typically placed in bedrooms to create a soothing and calming environment that helps people relax and lull them to sleep.

Project lights are often dome-shaped. They can be placed on a nightstand or table to project the patterned light onto the ceiling. Some projector night lights have moving images and may also play music at timed intervals.


Tabletop night lights are typically designed to be placed on a bedside table. They usually look like standalone tabletop lamps but often will typically have added functions, including alarm clocks, music players, white noise functions, and even charging stands for phones and other small electronics. 

There is a gamut of styles and options for tabletop lights. Some are battery-powered, some may rue direct from an electrical socket, and others could be powered by USB. Some will have different mood lighting, some are controlled by a smartphone application.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best NightLight

While there are still some compact fluorescent light (CFL) night lights, many now use LEDs. 

LEDs have many advantages over other lighting solutions, making them the go-to for most modern lighting solutions. 

  • Long Lifespan
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Environmental Performance.
  • The Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions.
  • No Heat or UV Emissions.
  • Design Flexibility. 
  • Instant Lighting and Ability to Withstand Frequent Switching. 
  • Low Voltage Operation

Light lights have come a long way from the wall plug lamp beginnings. There is a cornucopia of options with different aesthetics and efficiencies to choose from. LEDs are more expensive than other lights, but they work out cheaper in the long run. They can last 40 times longer than the average incandescent bulb and last 4 to 6 times longer than CFL. 

Design and Appearance

When it comes to design and appearance, there are endless options. Night lights come in many styles, such as modern, traditional, retro, contemporary, and whimsical. 

Select the style that works best for your home and lighting needs. 

Flat profile lights are a top choice for high-traffic areas like entryways and hallways. These lights are meant to be utilitarian and minimalist. 

If you are getting a night light for your child's bedroom, consider the colors and style. Maybe a projector light or something whimsical with children's themes would work best. If you want to buy a night lamp for your bedroom, think if you need any extra features such as white noise, built-in speaker/radio, wireless phone charging, or various light settings. 

Child- and Pet-Friendliness

If you have young children or pets at home, then LEDs are the best option as they stay cool to the touch and emit plenty of light. Make sure the night light is highly durable and has no small parts that could be a hazard to your pet or child. 

Smart Features

If you are a fan of smart tech, then there are plenty of night lights packed with smart feature options. These night lights can be controlled from a smartphone app and allow you to customize the settings such as brightness, light colors, alarms, and other functions. Some smart night lights work on motion sensors, while others respond to voice commands.

Sunrise Alarm Clocks For Waking Up Gently

Even for the self-proclaimed early birds, waking up to an alarm clock blaring out can be pretty jarring. It certainly isn't a gentle way to start the morning. 

Switching to a sunrise alarm clock can ease you into the day more peacefully without jolting you out of your sleep to some incessant shrieking alarm. 

Sunrise alarm clocks, sometimes called wake-up lamps, use gradually increasing light to stimulate a natural sunrise for a peaceful way to start your day.  

If you sleep like the dead, then you may be thinking, "that won't work for me," but many wake-up lamps combine natural sounds like waves lapping the shore or birds twittering to rouse you from the land of nod. 

Sunrise alarm clocks deliver many benefits. They reduce the drowsy disorienting feeling of sleep inertia we experience when waking up suddenly. 

These lamps aren't just for waking up; the light and sound therapy can help you get to sleep and regulate the natural circadian rhythms for a healthier sleeping experience, leaving you more refreshed and energized during the day. 

How to Choose a Wake-Up Lamp

All sunrise alarm clocks work similarly with only a few key features that differ. All will be able to dim and brighten the light incrementally, but often at degrees. All lamps will have the yellow and white hue light, but some lamps will have different color options, such as reds, blues, and greens, which can be useful for setting a relaxing atmosphere before bed or for some romance in the bedroom. The alarm sounds may differ between each lamp. Many feature a typical alarm noise and several natural sounds of nature, white noise, or maybe even guided meditations. Even FM radio options can double as bedroom entertainment or tune in to your favorite morning show as you wake up. Finally, there are different ways you can interact with the alarms, most will have regular buttons, but some may have a remote control, phone app, or even voice control features.

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