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Inflatable Massage Pillow

Enjoy a rejuvenating massage on the go, at work, or in the home with this inflatable massager pillow.

This wireless inflatable massage pillow is has a comfortable & ergonomic design, fitting perfectly behind your neck. It's designed to be portable and lightweight so that you can take it with you anywhere. 

This neck massager has two massage rollers. Each roller has two large and two small nodes, which provide a thorough kneading neck massage. Its three operation modes will relieve stress, fatigue, and muscle pain wherever you may be. 

A built-in hand pump on the left side lets you effortlessly inflate this neck pillow, and a push-stud valve makes it easy to deflate and stow away when not in use. 

The soft fabric cover can be unzipped, removed, and machine washed for easy care. It features support straps with a locking clip that can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes.

How to use:                                                                                     
1:Press and hold the power button for 2S to turn the device on. The device will automatically start operation in mode 1.                     
2:Press the power button once to change between the different modes. The power button will change color to show which mode is active. 
3 Modes: 
Mode 1- Standard - Green Light: Left massage roller rotates clockwise, right massage roller rotates anticlockwise. 
Mode 2- Reverse -Dark Blue Light: Left massage roller rotates anticlockwise, right massage roller rotates clockwise. 
Mode 3- Alternate- Light Blue Light: Left and right massage roller rotate in an alternating pattern.
3: Press and hold the power button for 2S to turn the device off. 




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