Cleaning Brush


A vape pen cleaning brush is a small brush designed to help clean the coils and other components of a vape pen. It can also be used to clean the inside of the tank, the mouthpiece, and other areas of the pen.


Vaporizer cleaning brush

Lookah vape cleaning brush. Pack of 5 brushes. Compatible with Lookah Seahorse vapes, Unicorn and Unicorn Mini, and Q7 models.

**Note: Do not use the cleaning brush to clean the inside of Lookah Seahorse coils, as it can cause damage.**

This airway vape brush is designed for effective cleaning of Lookah wax vapes' airways. With a length of 85mm, it features a 45mm section with stiff bristles. The 5mm width ensures thorough cleaning of the vapes and accessories.

The brush is constructed with twisted wire, tightly holding a spiral of nylon bristles. For optimal results, use the brush with isopropyl when cleaning vape devices.

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