Lookah is a leading brand of stylish, portable and powerful vaporizers that can enhance your dabbing experience. Whether you prefer dry herbs, wax, or e-liquids, Lookah’s vaporizers suit your needs and preferences. With innovative designs, advanced features, and quality materials, Lookah's vaporizers are the ultimate choice for discerning vapers.
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Lookah began selling dab rigs and bongs in 2013. We focused on designing our own products since beginning. To do this, we formed our own design team to create unique and creative dab rigs and bongs. We can also make customized products based on our customers' requests. Our exceptional products have not only earned us a lot of orders but also gained a good reputation.

Lookah began designing and making electric vaporizers in 2019. The Seahorse dab pen was the first series we introduced, and it quickly became popular among dabbing enthusiasts. People started talking about it and spreading the word about its excellent performance.Until today we have some popular vaporizer series.

Lookah Product Series

Dab Pen Series

It contains Lookah Seahorse Series and Giraffe,they are also called electric nectar collectors.

The popular Seahorse series comprises multiple models, including the Seahorse Pro, Seahorse Pro Plus, Seahorse X, Seahorse 2.0, and Seahorse Max. This series of products falls under the category of electric nectar collectors, significantly simplifying the process of dabbing when compared to traditional methods. By utilizing the highly efficient 510 Seahorse coil, these devices effectively heat wax and concentrates, delivering an enhanced experience.

Electric dab rig Series

The Unicorn Mini and Dragon Egg have become the reigning favorites among dabbing enthusiasts. These innovative designs transcend traditional dab rigs and bongs, offering greater convenience and ease of use.

The Unicorn Mini, in particular, has captured the hearts of our fans with its enchanting aesthetics and exceptional performance. Its compact size and stunning array of colors allow for personalized expression while delivering an unparalleled dabbing experience. These remarkable creations blend tradition with innovation, attracting a growing community that values portability, style, and functionality. The Unicorn Mini and Dragon Egg have truly elevated the art of dabbing to new heights.

E Nail Series

Among the Q7 series, the Q7 mini stands out as the popular choice when it comes to typical E-nails. This conclusion is not only drawn from sales data but also supported by glowing reviews from satisfied users. The Q7 mini's popularity is attributed to its ease of use and widespread availability in the market.

510 Battery Series

The 510 battery series, including popular models like the Snail, Load, and Bear vaporizers, is characterized by their compact size and versatility. These batteries feature a small form factor, making them incredibly portable and convenient to carry wherever you go.

Their diminutive stature allows for effortless transport, ensuring you can enjoy your vaping experience on the move without any hassle. Whether you're taking a stroll, commuting, or simply relaxing at home, the small size of 510 battery devices ensures they won't be a burden.

Moreover, the 510 standard thread battery opens up a world of possibilities by offering seamless compatibility with a wide range of cartridges. This standardized threading enables easy and secure connections, providing users with the flexibility to switch between different cartridges and experience various flavors without any complications.

Design ability

Unique design has become ingrained in Lookah's DNA. We consider constantly satisfying our users' needs through innovative design as our lifeline. Every quarter, we introduce new products to meet the ever-evolving market demands and aesthetics. This commitment to innovation and adaptation ensures that we always deliver fresh and exciting designs to our customers.


Fast production and timely delivery are important for both us and our customers. Currently, we have 10 production lines that enable us to achieve a daily production capacity of 10,000 units. Our workers have years of experience in production, ensure the quality and quantity of output.

Quality Control

We care a lot about the quality,that's why we have our own laboratory where we test our products to make sure they are good quality before shipping out. We are very careful with every part of the product and we check the quality at every processing. Because of this, our product keep with over 99.5% of them being good.

We care a lot about the quality, we built our own laboratory to test quality. We must ensure every product with good quality before shipping them out. We are very careful with every part of the product and we check the quality at every stage of the process. Because of this, the good quality rate can up to 99.5%.