Lookah seahorse Pro (Upgrade Now)

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Posted: August 03, 2023

The Seahorse Pro is Lookah's first highly successful dab pen, widely recognized and loved by Lookah fans. Last year, we upgraded The Seahorse Pro to Seahorse Pro Plus (Check here)

Lookah seahorse pro vs pro plus

We made four key upgrades to the Seahorse Pro Plus:

  1. Type-C Charging: We replaced the Micro USB charging port with a Type-C port, allowing for faster charging. Type-C is widely used nowadays, making it easier to find compatible chargers.
  2. Upgraded Coil: We enhanced the coil from Coil I to Coil V. The Coil V coils feature a porous quartz tip that provides a purer flavor when dabbing wax and concentrates.
  3. The third upgrade involves the cap, which has been enhanced with a magnetic closure, offering a significantly more convenient user experience.
  4. Slightly Larger Size: Based on customer feedback, we made the Seahorse Pro Plus slightly bigger in size. This adjustment was made to address the preferences and suggestions shared by our valued customers.

These upgrades to the Seahorse Pro Plus aim to enhance the overall user experience, providing faster charging, improved flavor, and addressing customer feedback regarding size. We are committed to continuously improving our products to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

8 Colors of Seahorse Pro Plus for Choice

The upgrade version received lots of Compliments from our customes